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When we go by feeling, something is at work. Beauty stirs the soul. It is not an intellectual response, but an emotional one. The world is full of spaces which give us this feeling. It can be a meadow you come upon in a forest. It can be a square in a village where people feel free to be themselves. »cont'd

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You can find it in a work of art and in a person, too: someone who glows with life, which transmits to everyone around. It is hard to define exactly. But you can feel it. Your intuition knows it. And it makes you feel good. It holds your attention and tells you immediately that something is right. The same feeling resides in structure. The architecture that we call timeless has this quality. We feel it in the structural features and architectural detail: the light and the shadow that walls and paneling allow; an arch that is harmonious in its proportion; the completeness of details; the height of a ceiling; the depth of a windowsill; the beauty of marble. This is what Mizrahi Developments believes, and this is what we work passionately to achieve. Let yourself be moved.

Ottawa ranked in the top 10 happiest cities in Canada out of 33 metropolitan areas, according to a 2015 Statistics Canada Report. On average, citizens of Ottawa rated their life satisfaction as 8.1 on a scale of 1 to 10. Here, a satisfying work/life balance can be found more effortlessly with abundant green spaces and recreational opportunities integrated into the layout of the city. Bicycle along green paths. Skate along the world's longest skating rink, the Rideau Canal. Enjoy the outdoor market. Take in the glory of tulips in the spring. Ottawa is a city people choose to live in, but rarely feel the need to escape. Mizrahi Developments is pleased to become part of such a wonderful place of history and vitality. Located in Westboro, a thriving residential neighbourhood, 1451 Wellington puts you in the heart of this vibrant village-like community. You are as close to the outdoor wilderness, commonly known as the Gatineau hills, as you are to the cultural attractions of downtown Ottawa. The philosophy of how we build is to enhance the beauty and character that certain places already possess. 1451 Wellington West anchors one of the city's most important intersections at Island Park Drive with an architectural statement and contributes to a thriving neighbourhood of eclectic shops and restaurants.

Take in a view that stretches on forever to the north, over green spaces, hills and trees and parks and a ribbon of river. Through tall glass windows, you can enjoy the beauty of nature as well as the patterns and textures of the city streets below. This is your sanctuary in the sky. The city awaits with all its colour, joy, vitality and excitement. It's right here at your doorstep.

Trust is integral to happiness. Peace of mind comes when there's no pause for uncertainty. And that's why in our service vocabulary, there's no such word as no. You know everything will be taken care of. The building and grounds will be spotless. The parking valet will help you in with your shopping and then park your car. You simply call for it next morning. You know that a concierge is ready, all day and all night, for whatever you need. This is why we say to just let yourself be moved, not only by the beauty of the physical space, but also by what goes on inside it. Whether in the hot tub or pool, you can take pleasure in a little bit of heaven. In the pool's cool water, you can enjoy a thorough, serene workout right where you live. The entertainment suite is beautifully designed to feel like an extension of your home. Friends and family can gather in front of the fire in the elegant living room. The dining room has a catering kitchen, which makes food preparation, serving and clean-up convenient and easy to organize. The guest suite is designed to be a private retreat as if it were in a boutique hotel. With high-quality linens and looked after by a cleaning staff, the accommodations are a home away from home for your guests. The fitness retreat is an inviting space with natural light offering the latest equipment. For added convenience, the building is also equipped with a car washing bay in the parking garage as well as a dog washing station.

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