Lac Saint-Sixte, Derry, Quebec
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Make your way through rolling hills, verdant meadows and charming farmland through the region of Mulgrave and Derry in Quebec; this is the scenic welcome to your exclusive cottage community, only an hour away from Ottawa. Nearby are the quaint villages of La Petite Nation; an artisanal community that boasts local goodies from Ripon, Montpellier, and Montebello. »cont'd

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Groceries, a golf course, horse farms, and gas stations are all within 20 minutes of Clos de Sixte. Find your place in this beautiful region today.

For every new cottage, Clos de Sixte is at the forefront of sustainable country home construction, respectfully blending the richness of the natural habitat with luxurious, contemporary design.
Build your own cottage with your choice of contractor, or work with our resident builder, Paul McElligott of Casa Verde Construction - an expert in timber frame construction and LEED Certified sustainable development.

Timber, glass, stone - hallmark materials that distinguish the cottages at Clos de Sixte from their peers. Cottage classics like Shiplap and reclaimed wood are used to fantastic success, without losing any of home's luxurious charm.

Let your taste dictate the direction - solid, timber frame beams lend well to classic barn silhouettes and soaring cathedral ceilings. Organic elements repeat nature's own design within, highlighting the beauty that surrounds.

Contemporary rustic is a resident favourite, blending sleek lines, vista-filled windows and open locales for the most efficient use of space and flow.

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